Interesting Facts About Car Accidents

According to recent statistics, there will be almost 6 million car accidents in America this year.  Odds are in your lifetime, you will have a fender bender.  When you do have a crash, Jim’s Body Shop can get your vehicle back on the road quickly.  We work with all major insurance companies. 

Here are some interesting facts about car accidents...

1). MEN are more likely to get into car accidents.  So much for the common belief women are poor drivers.  In fact, according to a 2 year study by Howard University, men were the drivers in 65% of the accidents.  Maybe next time, guys, you should have her drive.  Apparently driving and testosterone don’t mix.

2). TEXT MEANS WRECKS.  In 2015, 330,000 accidents were directly caused by texting.  Using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of a crash by 4 times.  An average of 9 people per day are killed due to distracted driving.  At Jim’s Body Shop, we urge everyone to put their cell phones away when you are behind the wheel.

3). CLOSE TO HOME.  More accidents occur within 25 miles of home.  In fact, according to Essurance, half of all accidents occur within 5 miles of home.  So I guess our best advice we have for you to safe is travel far away from home.

4). CURSING.  I don’t know how accurate this statistic is, but it is estimated the average driver swears 32,000 during their lifetime behind the wheel.  There is no real way to make sure this statistic is accurate.  So start counting.

No matter what the cause of your accident, take your vehicle to Jim’s Body Shop.  We take great pride in getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.  We have great working relationships with all local insurance companies.